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Love Community Garden

Love Community Garden started with a conversation over coffee between four people with different backgrounds and political views. They had heated discussions over the multiple social and economic issues facing Muskegon, Michigan and settle on the simple action of growing food. That started the "Be the Change Movement" documented in our MuskegonTEDx Presentation.

Sunflowers Grow 7 - 8 feet talk and bring so much color

Started from ground

Who would have thought that growing food and building community would turn into a political conflict, and out of that conflict Love Community Garden became a grassroots organization. In the process of fighting to grow food unimpeded by quasi government agencies, city ordinances, corporate take-overs, insurance riders, and non-profit profiteers, the garden formed a bond with the Fruitport Lions Club and later created the Shoreline Branch of the Fruitport Lions to provide dedicated support. This merge offered a structured approach for increased collaborations with other healthy initiatives in Muskegon County. The partnership enabled us to stay a volunteer based organization and keep overhead costs low and programming value high.

Paul Veltkamp & Johnathon Walker